Then & Now

I have been working out on and off now for quite a few years, but I have never really managed to stay on top of things and pull through with exercise for a longer period of time. In January 2015 I finally decided to make the change and focus on exercise and working on becoming a stronger and better me.

When you see yourself in the mirror every day, it is sometimes hard to note the changes. You are used to what you are seeing and the changes are slow, so by the time the changes have become significant you are already so used to them, that you might not even notice.

This sort of  happened to me. I knew my body has been changing since I started working out on regular basis and I have heard it from my friends and family who obviously noticed the changes a lot sooner then I did, but I was still quite oblivious to just how much it has changed.  Then I finally got my hands on images from a fitness shoot I did few weeks back at a gym and I was like ” WOW!!! is this really me, what happened there???”.

Its quite amazing to think that you can change so much and still not notice it when looking at yourself in the mirror. So remember when you are sticking to a workout programme and feel like you are not changing and nothing is happening, I guarantee the problem is that you cannot see the changes as you are too used to them. You see your body and yourself every day and it can become hard to judge on what you see in the mirror. Ask your friends, your family or your significant other half, don’t be shy, they will tell you the truth and will be able to judge better then you can.

It is also good to keep a before shot, this will allow you to look at yourself from a different perspective and you will notice the changes. TRUST ME :)!

Jane Kisnica fitness model. Then & Now


5 thoughts on “Then & Now

  1. Wow that’s a huge change, but you were great anyway!
    P.S.: This on and off has happened to me too! It’s comforting to read someone has felt the same way! 😛

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