Post exercise snack ideas

Have you noticed how hungry you tend to get after a good workout? This is because your body has used up its energy stores and is burning calories at much higher rate then when you are in a resting state.

After a workout the recommended time to eat is within the first 30 minutes, after the exercise has been completed. If you don’t always have time or access to a replenishing meal after your strength training session or cardio, you can always be prepared and keep some quick snacks in your bag. These snacks should consist of high protein and carbohydrates. Protein to help you restore your muscle and carbs to refill your bodies energy stores.

Granola or protein bar with dried tropical fruit1. Protein bars are a great choice as a fast after workout snack while on the go. Most gyms will always have some sort of protein bars for sale at the counter. If you are not a fan of the brand your gym is selling just stock up on your favourite proteins bars at home and always make sure to keep a few in your bag.

2. chocolate milk a greta post workout snackChocolate milk is another great choice. It wont be as high in protein and carbs as the bar, but it will still do the trick. It is easy to cary around and will give you a quick boost and keep you going until you get to your protein packed brekkie or make your way home to cook your well deserved dinner.

3. fresh berry protein shake Protein shakes is another way to go. You can prep these before you head out for the gym and have it during the workout or straight after. It will not only boost your energy and protein levels, but will also keep you hydrated. Good thing about protein shakes is you can experiment with the flavours and change them every day depending on what tickles your fancy on the day.

4. yogurt with fresh berries for a protein packed post workout breakfast Fresh berries and low fat yogurt is one of my personal favourites for a quick and healthy post workout snack. A low fat yogurt can contain over 10 grams of protein is exactly what you need for your body to receive the necessary amino acids for recovery top that up with a selection of fresh berries and it makes the perfect breakfast/ quick snack. A lot of coffee shops will offers this for breakfast or you can again make your own at home.

5. mix of nuts, raisins and cranberries for a post workout snackPair your favourite nuts with dried raisins or cranberries and you have the perfect quick – take every snack. Pretty much all nuts are quite high in proteins, raisins or cranberries are high in carbohydrates so the mix of both or if your feeling adventures, mix all three in a little plastic food bag to carry around in your purse will give you just the right boost of energy after your workout session.

Main thing you need to think about when deciding on your post workout snacks is to make sure your snack is packed with proteins and carbohydrates, so your body and muscles can start recovering.

What is your favourite post workout snack and why?


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