Trendy fitness brands to add to your wardrobe and to follow on instagram

Fitness and gym floor in the 21st century is not only about shedding the pounds or getting healthier, its also about the style.

We all have heard of fitness brands like Nike, Addidas, Puma and Reebok which are the traditional brands people look for when stocking up on their gym gear. Its the brands we see on TV, magazines and billboards on the streets, they are everywhere and we all have some gear from at least one of these brands. I wont deny I am a big fan of Nike the clothing they produce just agrees with me and my sense of fashion, but as great as these brands are there is much more out there then just those few names.

I have put together a list of my favourite non traditional fitness clothing brands on instagram. Not only they produce some really awesome workout clothing, their instagram accounts are pretty cool too.

  • Prismsport – if you are tired of the same old designs and boring patterns and you are looking for bright colours and really fun designs Prismsport is the brand to go to. Check them out here.

Prismsport fitness clothing and healthy breakfast


  • aloyoga – brand that specialises in yoga clothing. Aloyoga offers a great selection of colourful patterns and designs. Their instagram page is filled with some pretty intense yoga poses. Dare to try any of them, then click here.

aloyoga clothing is a brand specialising in yoga gear


  • Lolewomen – as you can tell by the name of the brand they specialise in active wear for women. Check out their lovely designs here. 

Sports gear for women from Lolewomen


  • Sweaty Beaty – another brand with really fun and colourful designs offering a wide selection of active wear for all the lovely ladies out there. Check out the brand here.

Sweaty betty fitness clothing


  • Lucy Active Wear – modern and fun workout clothes for real women who love to move and feel comfortable while doing so. Check LAW here.

Lucy Active Wear fitness clothing for women who love to move


  • CALIA – colourful designs from design by a woman for women all over the world. Check out CALIA here.

CALIA fitness clothing by designed by a woman for women

Have a cool fitness clothing brand to add to the list? Share in the comments below!


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