Better quality sleep? You know you want it!

Insomnia and bad sleeping habits are a normal sighting in the 21st century. Studies show that at least 1 in every 3 people suffer from bad sleep or even insomnia. Not having enough sleep during the night will not only reduce your energy levels during the day, but it will also affect your mood and your physical health.  Good nights sleep is very important for everyone and we all want to feel energised, happy and switched on every day of our lives.

Sleep is something that is affected by many factors and bad before sleep habits could be a huge contributor to your restless nights. Here are few things that you should avoid and some things you should implement to improve your sleep.


1. Avoid Coffee at least couple of hours before going to bed. Coffee is a stimulant and even if you think that the nice warm drink might help you sleep, it will do the opposite. Coffee in your system will keep your sensors and brain alerted so even if you manage to dose of you will easily wake during the night as it won’t be a good deep sleep.

2. No cigarettes before bed! Exactly you heard me right. Cigarets are same as coffee – a stimulant. Having a nice long cigarette before bed will not help you sleep in no way. All it will do is wake you in the middle of the night because the nicotine will be out of your system and your addiction will crave feeding.

3. Big meals are highly recommended to be avoided as well. You don’t want to load yourself up with a heavy meal an hour or two before bed and go to sleep with your body still trying to process all the calories. Heartburn and irritated stomach could be only few of the things that will keep you awake.

4. NO Alcohol. If you’re struggling with getting a good nights sleep and think that few cold ones before bed help you fall asleep, you need to think again, the alcohol might help at that moment to knock you out and switch your brain off, but in reality it only contributes to your bad sleeping habit. When you have been drinking and go to sleep your body doesn’t follow the natural sleep pattern and goes straight to deep sleep, which you will come out of in few hours when the alcohol has worn off and this will make you more sensitive to surrounding noises and other disturbances that will wake you.

5. High doses of sugar. Sugar is the main energy source of our body , so having a bi slice of cake or sweet cup of tea before bed isn’t the best choice either. You want your body and brain as calm and down to earth as possible before sliding between the sheets, so any energisers and stimulants should be avoided at all cost.


1. Read a book. Before going to bed to get your brain to calm down from the days excitement, grab a good book, an actual book and not an iPad or Kindle book. You want to stay away from electronics before bed, so a nice thick book will be a great aid to help you fall asleep.

2. Close the curtains. If you are sensitive to light make sure you have nice thick curtains in your bedroom that will black out all the unwanted light coming through the window.

3. Earplugs. If you think noises outside or made by your partner could be causing the issue, get a pair of earplugs to muffle out the noises.

4. Camomile tea. A cup of tea is good as long as its not full of sugar. A cup of camomile tea is perfect as its a natural relaxing agent.

5. Nice hot shower  or a bath can also help you relax and wash away the days stress. You can even go the extra mile and get some relaxing, scented bath salt or candles.

6. Try to follow a sleeping pattern. Try to find the time that suits you the best for going to bed and try to stick with this time. Your body will get used to the time and with time you will automatically get sleepy as soon as the bedtime is approaching.

7. Room temperature is ver important when it comes to sleep. Everyone is different, but you are most likely to sleep better in a cooler room then in a hot room. Your body cools down and regenerates during the night, which will be hard to do if you are sleeping in a hot room or next to heaters. Find the best temperature that you will comfortable in and make sure to achieve that for a good nights sleep.

Here are few ideas to help you battle your bad nights sleep. If you have battled it and won leave your comments and share your experience below.


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