Great Pre-Workout Snacks

When your prepping for a good workout, it’s probably not a good idea to demolish a big meal rich in protein and fat, but having a small snack that will boost your energy levels  quickly, can be very beneficial for your performance during the session.

If you are looking for some great pre-workout snacks to spike your energy levels, you need to be looking at foods low in fat and high in carbs. I know what you think, carbs contain sugar and sugar is bad for you, one and main thing – sugar – carbs are the main energy source for your brain and the rest of your body, so don’t neglect sugar or carbs in general and don’t think they are bad for you. It all depends what sort of carbs you are eating and how much energy/calories you are using during the day. So if you want to have a quick boost before your workout you need foods high in carbs.

Check out these awesome pre-workout snacks, that will give you a great energy boost and an awesome workout!

Fresh yellow bananas stacked on shelves. Great pre workout snack.Bananas:

This sunshine coloured fruit might already be on your pre-workout snack list. Bananas are not only great for their high carb count, but they also are easy to carry around and packed with Vitamin C and minerals which are all highly necessary for our bodily and metabolic functions. One banana a day won’t do you any harm!

Dried rains a greta pre-workout snack for a better energy boost during your workout session.Dried Raisins:

We all love fresh fruit, but fresh fruit might not always be the easiest solution for a quick snack, thats where dried raisins are totally awesome for a quick energy boost with a high carb level and pretty much no fat, dried raisins make a great pre-workout snack without doubt. Only 100 grams of dried raisins contain 79g of carbs, very much needed minerals, Vitamin C and a bit of protein.

Dried mixed fruit for a quick energy boost before a workout.Other Dried Fruit:

 If your not a fan of dried raisins, supermarkets these days offer a wide range of various dried fruits for the taking. You might prefer better to snack on fruit like – dried cranberries with 82g of carbs per 100grams, dried apricots, dried pineapple or even mixed fruit. What ever tickles your fancy, Im sure you will find it in your local supermarket.

Chestnuts a great pre workout snack for a higher energy level.Chestnuts:

Nuts are another great snack which is easy to carry around and store at home. Chestnuts especially are a great source of carbs, vitamins and minerals all necessary for you body. Only 100 grams of chestnuts contain around 80 grams of carbs.

Granola bar great for a pre workout snack in the morning or evening.Granola Bar:

Another great snack to have, also easy to carry around in your purse or store in your kitchen cupboard, as they have a great shelf life. One granola bar will give you around 30g of carbs and a yummy sensation in your mouth before your workout, no matter if it is a morning session or evening.

These are only few pre-workout snack suggestions, which can work for you, the list could be never-ending. If you have a favourite pre-wokrout snack that is not on the list and you think it should be, share it in the comments below?


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