Benefits of Weightlifting

In this day and age, with the access to internet and other educational resources, I am still highly surprised how much people DONT know about fitness and its benefits. People seem to be especially clueless about weight lifting and the long list of benefits resistance training gives us.

As a personal fitness trainer in training, I am talking about fitness and everything surrounding an active lifestyle a lot more with my friends, family and acquaintances, which leads me to a realisation of the massive misconception people have about weightlifting and fitness in general.

Lifting weights is amazing for you and your body. So lets look at some awesome health benefits, that are purely result of weightlifting.

A woman carrying loads of heavy shopping bags.1. Strength – one of the first benefits I would like to mention is strength. Weightlifting will increase your strength and you will be able to lift or/and carry more. Girls think of those shopping bags, they can get pretty hefty to cary, I know – I have been there, when you feel like your arms will be pulled out of your shoulder sockets from the weight of those bags. Lifting weights will help you carry many more bags filled with those beautiful clothes, shoes and make up for much, much longer. And no you won’t get big, bulky and look like a man, its not physically possible without supplements and steroids.

2. womans butt who squats vs womans but who doesn't squat.Physical Appearance – muscle is good for you, don’t let anyone convince you otherwise! Those who think that women shouldn’t be lifting, should just keep this ridiculous opinion to themselves. Muscles look and feel great on men and women. Doing resistance training( weight lifting ) will help you with your posture and you will look and feel amazing, trust me your self confidence will go through the roof. Also if your avoiding weightlifting you will be loosing muscle mass with every year that passes, which will result in saggy skin all over your body when you get older, you don’t want that do you?! If you don’t, get into weights right now!

young woman in white shorts measuring her hip.3. Higher Metabolism – muscle is a very active tissue and requires a lot of energy (calories) when active. If your doing regular resistance training, even when your not training or your asleep the muscle will be burning much more energy then a sedentary persons muscles. Our muscles are responsible for more then 25% of the calorie usage in our body and it only gets higher if you get those muscles working on regular basis. More calories burned means less fat stored. Little tip every calorie you intake and don’t burn is turned into fat, its a fact.

4. Young woman with a flat tummy and sexy motivationImproved Body Composition – A well designed and balanced strength training program addressing all of the major muscle groups in your body, means you will have more muscle = less fat, which in return highly reduces the dangers of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome. If you want to be able to avoid any of the above you need to lift weights. Remember muscle is good for you.

5. Young woman sitting on a bed with back pain.Reduced Back Pain – are you suffering from lower or upper back pain on regular basis? If you are, I am very confident you work in a sedentary environment like an office. This sort of environment results in weak and tight muscles along your kinetic chain, which will cause lower or/and upper back pain. Lifting weights will help you straighten yourself, improve your posture and balance out the pressure across the right muscles, enhance lower back support and lower your back pain.

young women fitness class with dumbbells6. Increased Bone Density – sedentary lifestyle and no weightlifting will result in your bones becoming weak. If you follow a regular weightlifting program your bones will become denser and more resistant to breakage. This will benefit you highly when you become older as your bones will be much stronger and this might even result in reducing the risk of osteoporosis.

So here you go a greta list of benefits for lifting. All together this will improve the quality of your life now and much later on. You will feel strong, energetic and I promise that your self-confidence will rise massively. It might be hard, but its all worth it!


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