Monday Motivation

Don’t be afraid to be strong. Strong is the new sexy!
Workout Motivation. Strong is sexy.

In order to be strong you need to eat clean and take care of your body.

Frdige full of healthy food like vegetables, fruit and meat. Nutrition motivation.

While working on those abs and clean eating, don’t forget your butt. Do your squats!

Squat motivation for women.

Fruit will give you a nice boost of energy while supplying your body with good carbs, while your working on that BUTT.
Fresh nectarines in a  bowl set on a  table. Nutrition and healthy eating motivation.

After that do some more squats. Your butt will thank you for it… and your boyfriend 🙂

Squat and exercise motivation

AANNNDD… Give up on the junk food you have been considering and change it to healthy, vitamin packed snacks and good carbs.
Eat clean. Motivation for nutrition. selection of berries

Now get onto those weights. Remember lifting won’t make you look like a man. Weights will help you look like a goddess and make you strong.
Fitness motivation for women. Make yourself strong and sexy. Strong woman lifting weights

After your AMAZING workout what will you choose: berries or candy packed with empty calories?

Fresh fruit in a  white bowl on a wooden table. Nutrition motivation

What ever your excuse, remember its just an excuse, keeping you from becoming a better you!

You have no good enough excuses not to work out. Young woman liftings weights with very tight abs

Now get off your couch and get that ass of yours in the GYM!!!


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