Questions Your Personal Trainer Should Be Asking You As A Client

Like many people out there you might have spent some time switching between active and sedentary lifestyles or you just have decided it is finally time to take on fitness more seriously. You have done your research on the best gym in your area and now you are in the market for a personal fitness trainer to help you learn and motivate you through the workout process, but how to choose and how can you decide on which of the many trainers available in the gym will be the right one for you?

When choosing a personal trainer you need to consider many factors, as this person will be someone who you will spend a fair amount of time with each week. You should pick someone who you feel comfortable with and someone who presents themselves in a good and professional manner. A good and easy way how to test the waters is to simply have a chat with the person you might want to be training with.

A good personal trainer will look and act in a highly professional manner, will be knowledgable, a very good listener and very good at asking the right questions. When having your first chat with someone you are considering to hire, pay attention to what questions the trainer is asking you and how well they are listening and paying attention to your answers.

The questions the personal trainers will ask you should get you talking about your goals, achievements, experiences, likes and dislikes, lifestyle, existing or past injuries and any important health conditions you might need to tell the trainer about. The more the trainer gets you talking about yourself the better. A good personal trainer will be keen to find out as much information as possible about you and your goals when conducting the initial interview, as this information will be highly beneficial to them, when creating the perfect fitness program, that will suit you the best.

Some of the main questions a good personal fitness trainer should be asking you:

1. How Can I Help?

This is a question that any personal trainer will ask when first meeting you as a new perspective client. This questions lets you explain why you are here and what you might want to achieve with the help of the fitness trainer. So don’t be shy and tell them exactly why you are there and what you expect to gain, if your looking to loose weight, gain muscle or training for a competition. The more you go into detail the better the trainer will be able to understand you, your needs and preferences.

2. Can You Tell Me a Bit More About Your Goals?

If you get asked this question and you don’t have an exact answer, don’t worry about it. Just explain as well as you can what you have in mind and what you might want to achieve. For example improve your cardio, muscle strength, posture or train for a marathon. What ever is your answer the personal fitness trainer is there to educate you with regards fitness and help you achieve your goals as long as they are realistic.

3. What About Your Weekly Routine, Can You Tell Me a Bit More?

Don’t get intimidated when the trainer asks you this question, they are not trying to stalk you. They ask this question to find out more about your working hours, travel time and daily habits as this will show them how much time you can spare for a workout on weekly basis, what sort of stress factors you might come across that might influence your adherence to exercise and to find out what sort of lifestyle you are running – sedentary or active.

4. Can You Tell Me a Bit More About Your Health and Any Past or Existing Injuries That Might Affect Our Sessions?

Again this is not them trying to be nosy. The trainer should be informed about any health issues or injuries you might have as this will highly influence the program the personal trainer will be designing for you. So when you get asked this question know that the trainer is interested in your wellbeing and keeping you safe from any future health issues or injuries. Answer this in as many details as you can, don’t be ashamed of anything.

5. Can You See Any Barriers That Might Prevent You From Achieving Your Goals?

This will help the trainer determine what might demotivate you and slow your progress, like lack of self motivation, lack of time, stress at work. Anything that you think might affect your progress or adherence, you should discuss with your trainer, as this will help them create the program and be prepared when any of these issues might arise. Also if the main reason you keep giving up on exercise is because you start to loose motivation, your trainer needs to know about this, as they will know of ways how to help you stick with the programs and stay motivated.

These are only some of the main questions your personal trainer should be asking when you are having that first chat. These are just the base questions which a good trainer will follow up with many probe questions concerning your diet, exercise history, goals, lifestyle and much more. All the questioning by the trainer should be finished with a summary of the conversation showing you that they listened to everything you were saying. If the trainer tries to skip the summary and doesn’t seem very interested in your goals or what you have to say, you might want to consider talking to few more personal trainers before making the final decision on who you will be hiring.


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