Personal Fitness Trainers Scope of Practice

When it comes to personal trainers you should always make sure that who ever you are hiring to train you and help you active your goals is properly certified and has the right knowledge to help you with your fitness journey.

Training with someone who doesn’t have the right knowledge in the industry can be unsafe for you as a client and end with unwanted injuries. Also the client should always be aware of what exactly to expect from the personal trainer and what can they help you with and what they are not certified to do. There are numerous things that you and many others out there might turn to their personal trainers for, thinking that the fitness trainer will be able to help, which might not be the case. Your personal trainer is there to help you improve your fitness levels and endurance not to design diet plans, give you health directions or treat injuries. All this needs to be left to professionals who are certified in the field.

To understand more what to expect or ask from your personal fitness trainer check out the Personal Fitness Trainers Scope of Practice bellow.

Personal Fitness Trainers Do Not:

Diagnose – in no circumstances personal fitness trainers should be diagnosing any kind of illness, disease, reasons for any sort of aches in your joints or anything else. If you try to turn to your fitness trainer for a diagnose they should refer you to a professional straight away, who will be able to give you the right diagnose.

Personal Fitness Trainers Do:

Your personal trainer can receive exercise or health guidelines from your physician, physical therapist, registered dietitian and so on.

Follow national consensus guidelines for exercise prescription for medical disorders

Screen for any sort of limitation on exercises.

Identify any possible risks through properly screening their clients.

Refer their clients to medical professionals if that is needed.

Personal Fitness Trainers Do Not

Prescribe – Your personal fitness trainer is not a pharmacist or doctor and cannot prescribe you medication or exercise. This has to be done a practising physician.

Personal Fitness Trainers Do

Your personal trainer can design a training program for you based on the prescription and directions of your physician which they have to follow very carefully.

If you feel like you might be suffering from an injury or some other issue your fitness trainer can refer you to a physician, who will be able to prescribe you the right exercise, which the personal trainer will help you implement and motivation you to stick with your prescribed program.

Personal Fitness Trainers Do Not

Prescribe Diets or Supplements – Fitness trainer in no circumstances should be prescribing diet plans and supplements to their clients.

Personal Fitness Trainers Do

Your trainer can provide you with general information on healthy eating and inform you about healthy foods and what you should or shouldn’t be eating depending on goals you are trying to accomplish.

If you are looking for a specific diet plan your fitness trainer will have to refer you to a nutritionist or dietitian depending on what you are looking for.

Personal Fitness Trainers Do Not

Treat injuries or Disease – Your personal fitness trainer is not a doctor or physician and has very little knowledge on both subjects. You should not be expecting advice or treatment plans from your fitness trainer.

Personal Fitness Trainers Do

Your trainer will be able to refer you to a good medical practitioner.

Your trainer should and will use exercise to improve your overall health.

If you turn to your fitness trainer with exercise recommendations or programs from your physician or therapist, they will be happy to help you follow the doctors advice and directors.

Personal Fitness Trainers Do Not

Monitor Progress for Medically Referred Clients – If you have been referred to a personal fitness trainer by your doctor, physician or nutritionist, you need to know that the personal trainer will not be monitoring your progress.

Personal Fitness Trainers Do

However your personal trainer will document your progress and report this to the medical practitioner who referred you so they can monitor your progress and recovery process.

Your fitness trainer will also very closely follow the recommendations of the medical practitioner who has referred you. So if you try to persuade your trainer to change to change your program prescribed by the doctor they might refuse and refer you back to the medical expert to discuss the change of your training program.

Personal Fitness Trainers Do Not 

Rehabilitate – Personal fitness trainers do not provide their clients with rehabilitation from injuries or any other sort of rehabilitation. 

Personal Fitness Trainers Do

Your trainer all however be able to design a training program for you after you have been released from rehabilitation.


Counsel – Fitness trainers will not be able to provide you with professional counselling for this once again you need to turn to a professional who will be able to asset you.


Personal fitness raiders are there to coach you and motivate you through your exercise program and help you active the goals you have informed your fitness trainer about.

Fitness trainers can provide you with general information on many health related subjects and also refer you to a counselling specialist or therapist if that is necessary.

Every certified personal fitness trainer should be following the scope of practice to avoid bringing any harm or unwanted injuries to their clients. At the same time anyone who is thinking about hiring a personal trainer should know what they can expect to be helped with and what they should not ask from their fitness trainer.

So if you every ask for a diet plan or help with your injuries from your fitness trainer and they refer you to a specialist, don’t get upset or think less of your trainer for not being able to help. All they are doing is being professional and looking after your best interests.


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