Think Before You Eat

Everyone loves junk food right? Well if not everyone then a lot of people out there will get excited just from a thought about a slice of cheesy pizza or a delicious burger… If you don’t I am envious and wish I could be the same as you! I personally love junk food  in any shape and form starting from pizzas, burgers and ending with chocolate cakes, crisps and so on. Main reason why junk food always tastes so good and you get addicted to it is high levels of sugar and calories…

Sugar will get you hooked very quickly and you won’t even realise you are sitting on your couch and munching on your second pack of chocolate Oreos, until the arrow on your scales will start to creep up and your favourite jeans won’t fit anymore. Sugar will cause cravings and even put you into a bad mood because you can’t get your fix. Been there, done that! As good s sugar tastes have you ever actually thought about how many calories the junk food you, me and everyone else eat, probably on daily basis, contain and how much work needs to be put into burning these calories? Fitness Republic has created an info graphic showing how many calories you intake  with every portion of all your favourite junk foods available these days. Check out their handy guide below.

Think Before you eat. Calorie count in all of your favourite junk foods.

Source: Fitness Republic 


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