Cardio Workout Alternatives

Want to improve your cardio and get that blood pumping through your veins, but struggle with running, which is one of the most common exercises for a good cardio workout? Why not try some alternatives and mix up your cardio routine.

1. Jumping Rope 

This might bring up some childhood memories from the playground or physical education classes in school, but what you might have not known that jumping rope actually is a great cardio workout which can be a good alternative for running. Jumping can be a bit challenging in the beginning as you will need to find a stable rhythm. Try jumping for 2-3 minutes and taking 1 minute breaks in  between. As soon as you have regained your childhood rope jumping skills you can start trying to jump for 30 minutes in a row while increasing and lowering the speed as you feel comfortable. Jumping rope will be a great alternative to running as it not only improves your cardio, the exercise also improves your coordination, agility, trains your abdominal muscles, shoulders and arms.

2. Kickboxing

Kickboxing is a great workout for those who are looking for something fun and different. The workout will strengthen your core muscles and bring your heart rate up. While keeping it fun as you get to punch things and make loud noises. The exercise is not only fun, but will help you burn anywhere between 310-400 calories within 30 minutes.  Kickboxing has become very popular so I’m sure you will be able to find a class near you where ever you are based in the world.

3. Spin Class

Spin class will surely hurt and be hard work in the begging, but as soon as you get the grip of it you might just fall in love with this workout. Spin classes are very popular these days and pretty much any decent size gym will offer this as part of their membership. Spin class will be more challenging for you then riding a stationary bike all by yourself, you will be in a class full of people and have an instructor in front of the class dictating your tempo and when to increase your intensity, all while listening to loud pumping music.

4. Dancing

Love dancing? Why not combine that with a cardio workout. The variations of cardio and dance combined classes is never ending these days, all you need to do is visit your nearest gym and see what they offer and find the one that you like. it could be anywhere from a hip hop dance class to aerobic classes combining dancing and weights.

These are only few ideas which will help you broaden your horizons when it comes to cardio workouts. Any gym offers a wide range of classes that might peek your interest and get you hooked. The main thing is finding an activity that you enjoy and find fun which will help you stick with it for much longer.


4 thoughts on “Cardio Workout Alternatives

  1. I get bored with running/jogging in a park let alone a treadmill. Definitely want to do more kickboxing classes…it’s a lot of fun and takes out the frustrations. Jump rope I do always between sets or couple of sets. Sometimes if the song is pumping I dance too 🙂

    I’ve taken Les Mills body jam and body combat classes before and helped a lot! I quit the gym, got married and been on a downhill since then.


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