Power Food – Coconut Oil and It’s Benefits

Coconuts are not only a great source of nutrition they also have a large list of health benefits and uses from internal to external. The most nutritions part of coconut is the oil.

1. Digestion – Using coconut oil for cooking will help you improve your digestive system and also help you prevent different stomach and digestion related issues including irritable bowel syndrome. Coconut oil is filled with saturated fats which have antimicrobial effect on your body helping you deal with fungi, bacteria and various parasites that might cause indigestion.

2. Healing Properties – Coconut oil posses healing and antibacterial properties. When used on infected areas the coconut oil creates a chemical layer that protects the infected part of your body from more external damage which can be caused by bacteria, viruses, dust and fungi. If you bruise easily and look for something to speed up the healing, you can use coconut oil which will speed up the healing process of the bruised area and tissue.

3. Healthy Bones – Coconut oil helps your body to absorb important minerals like calcium and magnesium which are very important for the development of your bones and their health.

4. Boost Your Metabolism – Coconut oil is great for boosting your metabolism. A study which was reported by the Journal of Nutrition discovered that consuming two table spoons of coconut oil a day helped the participants burn more calories than the participants who didn’t consume the oil. This will increase your metabolism which in return will help you keep your weight under control.

5. Skin Care – Coconut oil is a greta natural moisturiser for anyone who battles dry skin on daily basis. The effect of coconut on your skin will be the same as from mineral oil, but without the negative side effects that can be caused by mineral oil. Coconut oil is also great for delaying the appearance of wrinkles and saggy skin which is quite common for us the older we get. Not only coconut oil keeps the wrinkles away it also is very helpful with treating various skin problems like eczema, dermatitis and other skin problems.

6. Sugar Cravings – Coconut oil can be very helpful with fighting those crazy sugar cravings which you might be experiencing when trying to loose weight and cut down on the calories and processed sugars. So next time when the sugar cravings come knocking on your door instead of devouring a pack of sweets, try eating a spoon of virgin coconut oil. This will help you beat the terrible sugar cravings and of course help you loose weight as it will suppress your hunger for something sweet every day.

7. Diabetes – For the reasons mentioned above coconut oil will also help with prevention of diabetes type 2. Coconut oil is great for helping your body control blood sugar and improve the secretion of insulin. Coconut oil also promotes an effective utilisation of blood glucose which in return will help prevent and treat diabetes.

8. Healthy Teeth – Coconut oil is great for helping your body absorb minerals like calcium which is responsible for healthy teeth and bones. As we all know teeth are considered bones so calcium is very important for our teeth and their health.

So there you go… Some awesome health benefits of coconut oil. Next time your making a trip down to the supermarket don’t forget to add coconut oil to your shopping list!


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