The Amazing Benefits of Drinking Water

So we all know that fresh water and good hydration is very important for our existence. Our bodies need water more then it needs food. In harsh circumstances we can survive several weeks without food, but only a few days without any fresh water.  More then 60% of our body is made of water and pretty much every cell needs fresh water to function and keep us alive and moving.

It is pretty clear that we need fresh water to survive, but not only water keeps us a live and helps our bodies function better it also has many other health benefits…

1. Weight Control – drinking large amounts of water can help us keep the weight in control. If you struggle with keeping the hunger cravings at bay try drinking a glass of water which will fill you up and give you the illusion of fullness and help you keep the snacks away. Remember the basic rule of weight loss is to burn more calories then you eat and surprise, surprise water has 0 calories.

2. Healthy Skin – drinking fresh water every day will help you keep your skin fresh. Proper hydration of your body will be the best way to help you keep those nasty wrinkles away for much longer and it works a lot better then any of those anti- aging creams you can buy in the shops these days. Keeping your body well hydrated enhances capillary flow which helps replenish your skin tissues, increases elasticity in your skin and moisturises your skin. All in all water helps your skin look younger and healthier with a little effort.

3. Healthy Joints – this is important not only to professional athletes and people who have taken on fitness, keeping your joints healthy is important for every single one of us.  Synovial fluid is responsible for protecting your joints. The fluid contains large amounts of water so the more dehydrated you get the less synovial fluids there are to protect your joints during your workout or just through your daily life.

4. Healthy Muscles – drinking sufficient amount of water daily will help you keep your muscles healthy and more elastic. This is especially important for those who train and put a lot of pressure on their muscles, as a way to avoid muscle injury.

5. Brain Function – because your brain mostly consists of water, drinking it will help you improve your concentration and focus much better, also as a mini bonus it will increase your energy levels and help you be more productive during the day.

6. Relieves Headache & Migraines – In a study published in the European Journal of Neurology, research have discovered that increasing intake of water can help you with relieving headaches and migraines. So if you are having a headache try drinking a big glass of water before swallowing a bunch of pain killers, as very often the main reason of a headache is dehydration.

7. Fresh Breath – bad breath can also be a sign you are not drinking enough water through the day. Water helps flush away the bacteria eliminating cause for the bed breath you might experience after eating.

8. Flush Out Toxins – drinking high amounts of water helps your body flush out toxins. Especially important when you are training and burning big amounts of fat, the amount of toxins in your body increases due to the higher level of waste produced by your one body. Water will help you flush out these toxins and keep you hydrated.

9. Increased Energy Levels – dehydration can leave you feeling tired and lower your energy levels in general. Stay hydrated to keep your energy at the highest level and your performance at its best.

10. Digestion – drinking water and keeping your body hydrated will help you keep your digestion on the right track and move things along more smoothly.

Looking at everything above you or I cannot deny that water is amazing for our bodies and our general wellbeing. I know I struggle with drinking the right amount of water during the day and it is something I really need to work on. Especially for me and everyone else living in a hot country where you sweat a lot and lose water from your system very quickly, intake of adequate amounts of water is very important for our health , so never forget the importance of proper hydration.

For those who wonder how much water they should be drinking every day – The Institute of Medicine in America has determined that for men it should be roughly 3 litres of water and for women it is 2,2 litres of water every day.


4 thoughts on “The Amazing Benefits of Drinking Water

    1. Same here. I have trained myself to start every day with a big glass of room temperature water about 500 ml each day. And then try to drink another 2 glasses during the day which brings me near to the 2,2L a day I should be drinking. P.S Im glad you enjoyed my blog and found it helpful 🙂

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