5 Women in Fitness You Should Be Following

With the easy access to internet these days there are thousands of sources for motivation from fitness models, personal trainers and a long list of publications all who have presence on social media.

I am personally following a long list of fitness and wellness pages and people on Facebook and Twitter as I’m sure many of you are as well. Few people in fitness stand out to more then others and I find great motivation in following their work and inspirational posts one daily basis.

Check out these 5 fitness models and athletes on Facebook.

5. Louise Glover.

Louise Glover fitness model and athlete in white Nike workout clothes.An international model, Fitness & Bikini champion, sponsored athlete and also a London based personal fitness trainer. Louise is a beautiful woman with a great body and surely brings a lot of motivation to many people in the world. In her young age she has achieved a lot and has a very successful carrier as a model, personal trainer and athlete. Louise has graced pages of world known magazines like GQ, Playboy, FHM and Penthouse. She has also worked with internationally known brands like Ed Hardy, Reebok, Adidas and Fitness First and many more. If your looking for some good motivation Louise is the girl to follow. Check out her Facebook page HERE.

4. Lisa-Marie.

Lisa Marie personal fitness trainer and AthleteLisa-Marie is a personal trainer, fitness enthusiast and BodyRock.TV host. Lisa has a great body which many women out there would kill for and also she is a great motivator and inspiration for many to move onto a healthier and fitter lifestyle. Check out her Facebook page HERE. Also check out her two websites for great nutritional tips and workout routines BODYROCK and DailyHiit. 

3. Christmas Abbott.

Christmas Abbott personal fitness trainer, gym owner and cross fit lover.Christmas is a pretty amazing lady int he fitness world. First things first she is the first woman in history to become the first full time female NASCAR pit crew member with Micheal Waltrip racing. Pretty awesome don’t you think? You can check out the CNN news video HERE. Christmas is also a big lover of CrossFit and is a proud owner of CrossFit Invoke gym in USA where she works as a personal trainer. Check the gym and what they have to offer HERE. She has also released several books and is a huge dog lover and chocolate fanatic. Check out her Facebook page HERE.

2. Paige Hathaway. 

Paige Hathaway fitness model, personal trainer and motivator.Paige is fitness model and athlete with a wonderful story how she got to where she is today. This wonderful woman has made her life mission to show people what fitness and healthy lifestyle is really about. Paige is a great inspiration for me and I’m sure many women out there who want to become more healthier and happier in their own body. Check out Page’s Facebook page and what she has to say HERE.

1. Emily Skye.

Emily Skye fitness strainer, motivator and international model. So here is my favourite fitness lady out there – Emily Skye! Not only she’s a beautiful woman with an amazing body she also is a fantastic motivator and as her page says healthy living guru. Emily has a huge following on social media and she has made a huge impact on many peoples lives around the world. For anyone who is looking for great motivation and inspiration this lady needs to be on your follow list. Check her Facebook fitness page HERE.


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