March Workout Summary

March is officially over and with that the second month of my workout schedule and goals. It feels great to have fallowed through another month with consistent exercise and workout routine.

With the second month of my consistent workouts over I am starting to notice my body change quite quickly which gives me a great sense of satisfaction. I know for sure that writing a fitness diary and setting weekly and monthly goals for myself definitely works as positive self motivation tactic.

So in March I had set myself 4 goals. The goals were: 3 runs of 5KM a week, 400 sit ups 5 times a week, 150 squats 5 times a week for three weeks and a 5 day booty challenge on the last week of March.

The same as last month I didn’t manage to follow the schedule all the way through as I had few days where I missed out on some exercises because of various reasons like work and visiting family. I also had to skip a week of running because of the 5 Day Booty Challenge which left me pretty much incapable of walking not to mention running.

All in all I am very proud with my accomplishments and progress which even with skipping an exercise day here or there have improved from last month and thats all I can ask for from myself.

So here are the total numbers from March:

  • Run 52,6KM, March – Run 43,3KM, February
  • Abdominal Exercises 7,200, March – Abdominal Exercises 4,260, February
  • Squats 1950, March – Squats 1400, February
  • 5 Day Booty Challenge which consisted of a combination of butt and leg exercises with a total number of 2073.

Looking at the numbers and comparing them to the month of February I for sure feel very proud of my accomplishments and developed workout routine. Only thing I feel like I need to work on is the amount of runs I accomplish through the month. Lets see if I can improve that significantly in April.


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