Warm Up Exercises and Why It Is Important To Warm Up Before Your Workout

So you have made your way down to the gym or to the nearest park for a run. You look around and you have people all around you stretching and warming up before their workout. Have you ever thought: ” Should I be doing this?” . The answer is YES YOU TOTALLY SHOULD!!!

Warm up before a gym session or a cardio workout is very important no matter if you are a professional athlete or a beginner. Unfortunately warm up routine is still very much overlooked even today.

I have to admit I am as bad as most of you. When I get to exercising I just feel like I want to get on with it and don’t even think about warming up, but since I have started to workout more seriously and fitness has become a big part of my life I know I need to work on my warm up routine so thats why this blog entry is happening.

So lets look at why you should always warm up before starting your workout.

1. Warming up before your exercise will deliver nutrients and oxygen to your muscles much quicker which will avert you from loosing your breath too quickly.

2. Warm up exercises will intensify the blood flow to your muscles which will better prepare them for the coming extra workload caused by your workout.

3. Warm up will also help you build your blood pressure gradually by preparing your heart for increased activity.

4. By warming up you will help to lubricate your joints which in return will allow you to move more easily and pain free.

5. Quality of your workout will be improved by preparing your nerve to muscle pathways for a high intensity workout like a run or heavy weight lifting.

6. Your reaction times and coordination will be in a  much better shape after a warm up.

7. Warm up exercises will prevent you from soft tissue injuries during your workout. Which is very important because these sort of injuries can take a long time to heal and while healing you won’t be able to work out.

8. Increase your blood temperature which will allow you to have a longer and harder workout.

9. A warm up before your workout will induce hormonal changes that are accountable for regulating highly needed energy production in your body. The more energy you have the better and longer your overall endurance will be.

10. Get yourself pumped up for a great workout by giving yourself few minutes of warm up exercises. This will help you mentally prepare your mind for the challenge of a workout ahead.

A warm up doesn’t have to take long anywhere between 5 to 10 minutes is enough for your body to warm up and prepare itself for a higher resistance work out.

If your wondering about what sort of exercises you should be performing to warm up  you can start with performing a lower intensity version of your planned exercises like a slow run on the spot or around the park, low weights or simple stretches before your yoga class.

Spending few minutes on warming up and stretching your muscles will allow you to perform at your best and have a much more enjoyable workout session.


9 thoughts on “Warm Up Exercises and Why It Is Important To Warm Up Before Your Workout

  1. When I was young I was very active and NEVER warmed up. No one ever explained it quite so much detail, or I probably would have. Now my kids are athletes, and getting them to warm up properly can sometimes be a struggle. I’m sending this to them! And as I return to exercise in the near future, I’ll be remembering this too! Would you mind if I share this link?


    1. I never do either, but it is a very important part of your workout which I personally need to take more seriously.Thats why this blog a bit of self motivation 🙂 And you are welcome to share the blog Im glad you liked it.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Jane, Thanks a lot for taking the time to visit, read and like my blog ” A life coach for unmotivated”. Keep up the good work that you are doing. Very informative.


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