Power Up Your Workout With These Foods

Are you gearing up for a good workout, but feel like you might not be as energy full as you would like for a hardcore session in the gym? Why not try one of these power foods that will give you that extra oomph you are looking for…

fresh-banana1. Bananas

Looking for a quick and powering snack before your 10KM run or gym session try a banana or two. Bananas are full of vitamin B6, easy to digest carbs and potassium also all the sugar in bananas is natural. Bananas have a long list of other great health benefits which you can check out HERE.

Dried blueberries on a wooden table.2. Dried Blueberries

Dried blueberries are not only tasty and a great snack to carry with you to the gym or quickly munch on before your cardio workout the berries will also be great fuel for your muscles because of the easy to digest carbs and won’t make you feel bloated or too full.

White cup with hot black coffee set on a wooden table and surrounded by roasted coffee beans.3. Coffee

If you are after a quick energy boost for that morning workout? Treat yourself to a nice cup of coffee – hot or iced. Research shows that having a cup of coffee 30 minutes or an hour before your gym session or cardio workout will boost your stamina and endurance making your workout much easier. For those who don’t really like coffee, green tea can be the alternative giving the same effect.

Fresh apples in a wooden  basket laid against a blurred background of trees and grass.4. Apples

An apple a day will keep the doctor away and also will increase your endurance during a workout. Apples are full of quercetin which is responsible for improving energy metabolism which in turn  increases your endurance and will boost your energy levels.

Fresh dark chocolate chopped into smaller pieces.5. Chocolate

For those who LOVE chocolate and aren’t highly worried about intake of calories, but just looking for an energy boost during their exercise chocolate is a great choice. Dark chocolate has capability of boosting your endurance and also fending off muscle soreness after the workout. Add a small amount of chocolate chips to your breakfast or mix it in with your power smoothie before your workout.

So here you go… if you are looking for some extra energy try out these 5 foods and enjoy the results. Also if you know of any other foods that give you a great energy boost share it below in the comments.


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