Habits of Fit People

We all have a long list of habits which can be bad or good. Very often we find that the bad habits tend to be more easier to take on then the good ones unfortunately.

When it comes to taking on a healthy lifestyle an staying fit good habits are very important. Remember that motivation will get you started, but habit will get you going.

Here are few great habits every fit person on the planet has:

1. Do Not Skip A Workout

Never miss a workout you have planned for yourself. Even if you only have 20 minutes to do a bunch of quick exercises DO IT! If you have made a promise to yourself you are going to work out you need to find time to make it happen.

2. Drink Water

Always make sure you drink a lot of water before, after and during workouts to stay hydrated. Staying hydrated during your exercises will help you get the best out of your routine. A good thing to know with regards water is that room temperature water will help you quench your thirst better then cold water.  When we drink cold water our bodies need to use energy to warm it up before absorbing the water which means it will take longer for the water to relieve your thirst.

3.  Eat Healthy

Eating real and healthy food is very important habit to acquire during your journey to becoming forever fit. Forget about diets, don’t swear off food and live on carrots for weeks. All you need to do is replace the unhealthy foods with healthy ones. In stead of eating a pack of cookies munch on a bowl of fresh strawberries or other fruit and veg. For every bit of unhealthy food you out in your mouth you can substitute that with healthy meals and snacks.

4. Sleep, Sleep and More Sleep

Good rest on daily basis is very important not only for those who want to be fit, but for anyone in general. At night when you go to sleep is the only time when your body gets to fully rest, relieve from stress and rejuvenate.

5. Mixup Your Workout Routine

Constant routine can become very boring and even demotivating. To make it more fun mixup your workouts. Do different exercises each day or mix it up even more by taking a yoga class one day, go for a run the next day or try a spinning class. Mixing it up will keep you more motivated and make your weekly workouts more fun and enjoyable.

6. Love Exercise

Don’t concentrate on how hard it might be to do a 5KM run at 5:30am during the week or how heavy the weights might be. Think about the end result. Think about how good you will feel after each workout and even better how good you will look in couple of months of hard.

7. Exercise in the mornings

Exercising in the morning  will give a a sense of accomplishment through the day which will hep you improve your eating habits and put you in much better mood. You are more likely to stick to your workout routine if you exercise in the mornings as you can leave evenings for yourself to spend time with your friends and family or park up on the couch and watch a movie.

8. Self Motivation

Fit people don’t spend time on putting themselves down about their looks or what they can’t or can do. Instead of thinking ”I Can’t Do It” or ”I Am Fat” you should self motivate by thinking ”You Can Do It”, ”I am Strong” and ”I WIll Accomplish My Goals”.

9. Set Goals

You can’t active anything without having goals. Set yourself with goals even if it is 2 runs of 3KM a week or going to a spinning class 3 times a week  no matter what your goal make sure it is realistic and you can accomplish it. When you have accomplished your goals you set new improved goals which will keep you going and help you track your progress.

10. Be Ready

Last, but not least be prepared for your visit to the gym. Don’t leave your gym bag to be packed in the morning, because you will sleep in, you will be late and you will out off the workout because you think you don’t have time to pack the bag. Make sure to pack your gym stuff the night before so you can slip in your gym clothes before you even realise whats going on and be on your way to the gym.

While considering taking on good habits don’t be ashamed or upset about your bad ones. We all have them, no one is perfect. Your first step to a better lifestyle is wanting to change and working on getting rid of the bad habits and replacing them with the good ones. What bad habits do you have and you would like to change? Share in your comments below.


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