Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Sleep Naked

Good sleep is very important for everyone to be able to function to the fullest and have a high level of productivity at work. Most of us love to slip into our favourite PJ’s before we tuck ourselves away in the sheets for the night, but did you know that sleeping naked actually is good for your health and will improve your sleep?

Heres are few pretty good reasons why you should go to bed commando style!

1. Anti-aging Hormones

Many of us love to wrap up in a big duvet and be in our favourite PJs when retiring for the night, but did you know that too warm of an environment while your sleeping can prevent your body to cool down which in turn will stop your body from releasing your anti-aging hormones, melatonin and growth hormone. All these hormones are responsible for keeping us looking younger and healthier much longer.

2. Better Sleep

Another great reason to of to bed naked is that you will have a much better sleep. Reason being is that once again when you sleep naked your body gets to cool down which allows you to have much better and peaceful rest during the night. The lower your body temperature the deeper stages of sleep you will be able to achieve while your are asleep,

3. Keep Your Fat in Check

When you don’t have a good nights sleep you are most likely to wake up with high levels of cortisol which is a stress hormone and triggers your appetite which makes you gain weight, because you are most likely to overeat. Good  nights sleep is the best way to fight stress, by sleeping naked you will ensure that you have a better nights sleep with less interruptions which will trigger the growth hormones and reduces the stress hormone cortisol during the night.

4. Protect Your Lady Bits

You might think that sleeping in PJs or underwear protects your private parts from exposure to bacteria. Its actually the opposite remember bacteria flourish in warm and moist environment which is caused by you sleeping in PJs or underwear. By sleeping naked your body will be able to reduce bacterias ability to overwhelm the healthy flora of your private parts. More air and ventilation will increase your lady parts ability to stay dry and reduce the risk of fungal infection.

5. Better Circulation and Skin

Sleeping nude will also improve your circulation as it won’t be restricted by waits bands of your PJ bottoms or underwear. Also when you sleep butt naked you are allowing your skin to truly breathe which is restricted by clothing on daily basis. People who are struggling with body acne might see noticeable changes for better when sleeping naked.

So there you go 5 great reasons to ditch your PJs and sleep naked. Try it and I prom sleep much better and soon think of wearing clothing to bed as a nuisance. Not only your sleep will improve you also get to save money as you don’t need to buy any more PJs, your washing load will be a lot smaller, sleeping nude will also improve your relationship with your second half as there is nothing better then skin to skin contact and you will just feel much better in general.

What do you prefer sleeping in PJs or naked? I personally prefer butt naked! What about you?


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