Healthy Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Cutting out high calorie foods and sugar can be very challenging for any of us, as we all know sugar can be very addictive and for this reason hard to quit. If you are looking to loose some weight or cleanse your body of sugar I can recommend 3 simple meals you can try…

1. Breakfast 

Oatmeal healthy breakfast with fresh blueberries.If your looking for a light, but tasty breakfast to start your day why not try low calorie oats with some fresh blueberries and cinnamon powder. The way I make it is quite quick and easy. I boil some hot water which I our over the oats leave it to soak for about 5 minutes then mix in the blueberries and cinnamon powder and your power breakfast is ready. Not only this breakfast will taste delicious and help you control your weight it also has many health benefits. Blueberries will help you prevent cancer, lower blood pressure and protect your heart while cinnamon will help you control your sugar levels[ great for those suffering from Type 2 Diabetes], cinnamon is an antioxidant, help you reduce weight and help you with fighting viruses during those cold winter days.

2. Lunch

White bowl filled with cooked lentils and spices set on a table.For a healthy lunch you should try lentils with chicken. Lentils might not be very glamourous, but they are healthy, low in sugar and contain 0 fat. Not only lentils are low in sugar and contain no fat they also are a high source of dietary fibre, potassium, calcium, zinc and other vitamins. Lentils are very easy to prepare all you need to do is bring the pot up to boil for two minutes, then leave the lentils to settle for an hour. After the hour has passed you need to simmer the lentils for another 30 minutes or so, depends on how you prefer them cooked. When the lentils are ready, cook a chicken breast dice it up into to small pieces mix it with the lentils and add a small amount of pepper and salt to add some more flavour. To save you time prepare enough lentils to last you the whole week, a pack of 500 grams should be enough for you to enjoy a healthy lunch all week.

3. Dinner

Fresh water spinach or so called morning glory on a wooden table.Another healthy and quick dish to cook is water spinach and chicken. Water spinach is great a source of iron, protects you against heart diseases, helps you battle diabetes, reduces cholesterol and improves your immune system. Water spinach is also low in sugar and fat and will help you control your weight. When it comes to cooking its quite of an easy and quick meal to prepare. Start off with the chicken as that will take the longest. When the chicken is nearly ready boil some water and add water spinach to it. Boil the greens for about two minutes. In the meantime dice up some fresh garlic and get it cooking, when the water spinach is ready get rid of the water, mix the greens with the garlic on your pan and add a bit of black pepper and salt. The spinach needs to be on the pan no more then 60 seconds. When its ready put in on a plate top it off with your chicken breast or fillet and enjoy your healthy low sugar, low fat dinner!

So here you go 3 healthy and quick meals that can keep you sugar and fat free through your working week. These recipes are quite basic so you can always experiment with flavours and add more ingredients to make the dishes more exciting, just make sure that what ever ingredients you might be adding are low in sugar and fat.


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