One Month Done, Many More To Go

Its the 1st of March and I have completed my first month of my fitness goals. Last month I decided to start working out more seriously and set goals for the whole month of February. My set goals were 3 runs per a week, 100 squats five times a week and 300 abdominal exercises five times a week.

I started with writing these goals down in a diary and spreading the exercises through all four weeks of February. I put a date on each day and ticked off what exercises and how many I have done each day. Today I went through my diary and I have to admit it feels great to be able to see everything written down and be able to see exact numbers of whats been accomplished in 4 weeks.

As of now I have done 43,3 kilometres of running, 4,260 abdominal exercises and 1400 squats. I have to admit I had few days where I missed to accomplish what I have set up for the day, but this was because of my job and I just didn’t have time to finish the exercises. For this reason I have changed my routine and have started working out in early mornings during the week. I get up at 5:30 AM for a run and do my exercises after I have finished my cardio workout. I have found that this works perfectly as I don’t have to worry about finding time or motivation for exercise in the evenings. I also feel much more energised through the day which improves my productivity at work. I would suggest anyone who is struggling with time for exercise in the evenings try to move your work out to early mornings.

You might hate the early mornings at first as I know personally it can be very hard to change your routine and habits, but after a week of doing this I can assure you will find it much easier and even prefer to get the workout out of the way before you get to work and not worry about it after.


2 thoughts on “One Month Done, Many More To Go

  1. You are my inspiration….pls do anther 1st April haha Thats how long its going to take for me to get my head around it 😉 Or am I being silly? Should I be ceasing the day?


    1. Thank you JacquiBe :)! I will def do another one for April as I have set this months goals already no turning back hehe! And you should as well! No need to wrap your head around it just start doing it today! 🙂


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