Why You Should Exercise in The Mornings

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where no matter how hard you try to hit the gym after work it just never seems to happen? I am sure many of you have been there and have thought to move the workout to early morning, but changed your mind as you couldn’t get yourselves to wake up an hour earlier for the gym. Because of this lets look at few very good reasons why you should consider moving your weekly exercise to early mornings…

1.  Boost Your Energy Levels.

Do you ever find yourself struggling with your energy levels in the morning? This might be a very good reason to start working out before work. Exercising in the mornings will release endorphins and other minerals which will put you in a better mood and give you a boost of energy through the day which will in turn improve your productivity.

2. Clear Your Mind.

Exercising in the mornings will help you get rid of the stress you have gathered the day before and will allow you to start your day with a clear head. Morning exercise might also prevent you from becoming stressed during the day. As mentioned above endorphins released during the workout will improve your mood and allow you perform much better through your day.

3. Control Your Appetite.

Working out in the mornings will help you control your appetite much better by pushing away the hunger and you won’t get as many cravings though the day which usually can end in binge eating. Also by starting off your morning by being healthy you are most likely to continue being healthy during the day.

4. Improve Your Sleep.

Its well known that exercising regularly will improve your sleep no matter when you work out during the day, but knowing your alarm is set up to an early morning hour will motivate you to hit the pillows at much better hours in the evening as giving your body the rest it needs is very important.

5. Improve Your Discipline.

Getting up early at a certain time for a workout takes self motivation and a lot of discipline. You might find it hard for the first few mornings to get out of bed at 6AM, but after you have done it for a week, you will notice that your body will be ready to wake up at this hour on daily basis, you will also start noticing that the discipline and hard work you have put into getting out of bed at 6AM will start to spill into other aspects of your daily life improving the quality of your work and lifestyle.

What time of the day do you prefer to work out at: Morning, Afternoon or Evening? Share your preference and why in the comments below.


4 thoughts on “Why You Should Exercise in The Mornings

  1. I really enjoyed this post because I am plan exercise into my afternoons with the best of intentions, but by the time I’m there I can’t think anything id rather not do haha So mornings are for me. I am a writer and my most creative time is in the morning, so I’m up early filling up pages. I swim around 10:30am which is perfect because that’s
    when I need thinking time. Its perfect. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Thank you very much. I am the same by the time I finish work I have 100 other things i rather do then work out. So I have started a new routine getting up at 5:30am and Im done with my morning run before 6:30am which leaves me few hours for ME before start of the working day 🙂


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