Natural Aphrodisiac Foods

The food you consume on daily basis reflects on your body and mind without doubt. Some food can even affect your sex drive and boost it immensely! If you are looking for a natural way how to increase your sexuality there are many foods out there that can help you with this…

Check out these 6 natural aphrodisiac foods that will help you boost your sex drive:

1. Honey – Not only it tastes great, but honey is also a great source of boron a mineral which will help with the production of estrogen in women and testosterone in men boosting sexuality in both sexes.

Freshly made honey in a glass jar on a wooden table.

2. Avocado – Not only avocado fruit has many health benefits like preventing cancer and improving the health of your eyes it also is a aphrodisiac. Avocado helps to increase the levels of testosterone and regulates the thyroid glands by having a high level of potassium, B6 vitamin and protein all responsible for the increase of libido in women and men.

A half of a fresh avocado on a wooden table.

3. Strawberries – This little heart shaped fruit, has been considered an aphrodisiac for a very long time due to the fact that strawberries have the highest level of vital C found in any berries and they also contain a high level of folic acid, potassium and a good level of iron and fibre which all will provide you with a boost of energy and keep that libido active.

Fresh strawberries in a white bowl set on a wooden table.

4. Chilli Peppers – Chillies are not only a great spice if you like to add some heat to your dish, but also helps to spice up things in the bedroom. Chilies are great for stimulating endorphins in your brain which is the so called happy drug.

Fresh chill peppers cut in slices on a wooden table with a knife in the background.
5. Oysters – While not everyone is a fan of oysters they are a great aphrodisiac food by being high in zinc and amino acids which are responsible for the production of sex hormones in both men and women.

Fresh oysters on top of ice set on a silver platter.

6. Asparagus – Is great for increasing your sex drive by having a high level of vitamin E which is highly involved in producing sex hormones in women and men. Vitamin B contained by asparagus also helps by increasing the histamine levels in your body which is important if you are looking to have a healthy sex drive.

Fresh asparagus

If you have ever tried any other of the aphrodisiac foods share it below in comment section!


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