Healthy Valentines Day Activities

Valentines Day is just around the corner and no matter where you are this is a big day for many couples around the globe. Everyone is looking for something special and romantic for the 14th of February.

 If you are looking for some inspiration this year here are XXX fit ways to spend your Valentines Day with your loved one.

1. Romantic Bike Ride

Why not grab a couple of bikes and take your other half for a nice ride around the park or down the river. No matter what the location make sure you choose a scenic and enjoyable ride. At the end of the ride surprise your partner with a picnic basket filled with her/his favourites.

2. Work Out Together

Exercising together is a great way to bond and spend some time together and motivate each other along the way. Go for a run, take her to her favourite gym or join her dance cardio class.

3. Couples Spa

Every girl loves to be pampered for few hours. Book a couples Spa treatment in your nearest luxury Spa. A good full body massage and facial treatments will be a great way to start off your Valentines Day.

4. Hire a Chef

If you feel like you want to spend the Valentines Day cuddled up on a couch watching a romantic movie and sipping on a nice glass of wine, that is all good, but why not spice it up and surprise your other significant half by hiring a private chef for a 5 Star Restaurant dining experience in your kitchen.

5. Ice Skating 

Looking for more outdoor activities why not try ice skating. Even if you have never done it before it will be a fun activity you can both enjoy and make sure to finish it off with a nice hot cup of hot chocolate and maybe a red rose.

6. Camping

If the weather allows it take a camping trip. Celebrating Valentines Day in nature under a starry sky with just the two of you can be a very romantic experience you both will remember for a long time.

7. Valentine’s Day Race

Check out the web to see if there are any Valentine’s Day races in the area. The themed runs are usually a fun experience for couples involving loads of entertainment and food. Celebrate your love with a run.

8. Rock Climbing

Looking for something a bit more extreme and want to get that adrenaline pumping? Why don’t you try rock climbing! This will be a great way how to experience something new, push your limits and have a little adventure at the same time.

9. Dance Time

Does she loves to dance? All you have to do is find out where her favourite music is being played on Valentine’s Day and take her for a good dance off. It will be fun and get both of your blood pumping and the heart racing.

10. Cooking Class

Have you both been looking to improve your cooking skills or maybe learn to cook something new and explore new cuisines? Why not try out a local cooking class. You will have loads of fun and it will be a great bonding experience.

Do you know of any other active and healthy ways to spend Valentine’s Day? Share below in the comments!


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