10 Fitness Facts You Should Know About

Have you been looking for motivation to start working out and take a step closer to a healthy life style? I am sure you have, but for some reason that thought has been put aside, maybe you think there isn’t enough time, or maybe your mind isn’t in the right place to take on fitness right now…

There are many reasons why you might not want to get into fitness right now, but I will give you 10 great reasons why you should start working out today.

1. Life Expectancy 

Regular exercise and movement will increase your life expectancy by preventing a long list of blood and heart diseases that might shorten your life span or prevent you from living an active lifestyle later on.

2. Grey Matter

Thats right regular exercise boosts your grey matter or so called brain power. Exercise increase serotonin levels in your brain, which helps to improve your mental function. Boosted brain power means more productivity and less lazy times.

3. Bone Density 

Keeping yourself fit will help you improve your bone density. The higher your bone density the less chance there is to break a bone or chance of getting osteoporosis when you get older because of low bone density.

4. Stress Relief

Regular exercise will help you keep the stress and anxiety away. Having a regular work out schedule will help you improve your mental health by experiencing less stress in every aspect of your life.

5. Metabolism 

Exercising regularly will improve your metabolism, which is responsible for burns the food we eat and turns it into energy. The better your metabolism the easier you will loose weight.

6. Energy

Exercising releases endorphins into your body which will help you feel much better after the exercise. Endorphins are a drug naturally produced by your body to relieve stress and pain and making your more happy. If you work out in the morning before work you will notice that you have much more energy during the day and your mood is in a lot better place.

7. Improved Sleep

People who exercise on nearly daily basis will know that their sleeping pattern is much better and consistent then when they weren’t working out as regularly. The more active your body is during the day the better you will be able to relax at night and a have a full nights sleep.

8. Memory

Yap that as well! Regular exercise will benefit your memory. Regular physical activity will help you boost your memory by increasing the hippocampus cells in your brain which are responsible for the memory and your learning capabilities.

9. Age Better

If you keep fit from when you are young through to your older days you will age more gracefully and maintain your good looks and soft and firm skin for much longer.

10. Self Confidence  

Exercising and keeping fit improves your self-confidence , because you look great, feel even better and your general way of life will be more improved by fitness.

So there you go 10 amazing reasons to take on fitness and live a healthier lifestyle starting today!


2 thoughts on “10 Fitness Facts You Should Know About

    1. Totally agree. Im really surprised how many people think that if you lift weights you will turn into a muscle mountain overnight. Perception about training and especially weight lifting is very wrong for so many people.


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