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Absurd diets of the 21st century

Crazy weight loss diets follow in the 21st century

With every year people are becoming more and more aware of the benefits of fitness and a healthier lifestyle in general. There are more and more resources and information available online, on TV, radio and in print. But with everything good comes something bad. A lot of people become obsessed with healthy living, loosing weight and exercise to a point where its not healthy anymore and becomes purely ridiculous.

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Then & Now

Jane Kisnica fitness model. Then & Now

I have been working out on and off now for quite a few years, but I have never really managed to stay on top of things and pull through with exercise for a longer period of time. In January 2015 I finally decided to make the change and focus on exercise and working on becoming a stronger and better me.

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What is a Smart Goal?

If you have ever shown any interest for fitness or are spending some time in the gym, you might have heard the fitness professionals use a term S.M.A.R.T Goals when talking to their clients. This term is/ or should be the base of every workout program designed for a client or anyone who has decided to get on the fit train by themselves.

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Be smart about reaching your goals

Young Athlete girl trying running shoes getting ready for a long run

Most of us have tried to achieve some sort of fitness goal at least once in our lives and probably failed. Failure very often is what puts us off from trying again , no matter if it’s a fitness related, relationship related or business related failure, people very often tend to stay away from what they have failed in to avoid future disappointment.

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Better quality sleep? You know you want it!

Messy white sheets. Help with insomnia, tips and tricks

Insomnia and bad sleeping habits are a normal sighting in the 21st century. Studies show that at least 1 in every 3 people suffer from bad sleep or even insomnia. Not having enough sleep during the night will not only reduce your energy levels during the day, but it will also affect your mood and your physical health.  Good nights sleep is very important for everyone and we all want to feel energised, happy and switched on every day of our lives.

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